Salaar vs Dunki Box Office Collection, Who will win SRk or Prabhas

Guys, your waiting is over now. Dunki and Salaar both movie has been released in cinema and both are performing very well. We all know that this is the biggest movie clash of 2023 and the first clash between North superstar SRK and South superstar Prabhas. Salaar Vs Dunki is the most trending topic of every social media at present.

This is not just the biggest class of this year, it is also going to be the biggest class in Indian film history. I would say less about Clash and more about the film World War.

As you all know no one has a bigger stadium than Prabhas in the South and Shahrukh Khan in the North. If both of them are put together then who will win and who will lose? Let us turn the story around.

Shahrukh Khan is supposed to be the king of Bollywood movies and Prabhas is supposed to be the king of Tollywood movies. This is the most interesting fight King vs King.

The previous results of both kings are crazy and shocking. The previous two movies of Prabhas are back-to-back flops as Sharukh’s two previous movies are blockbusters. This is making your mind crazy about who will win this clash game.

As per public feedback, from Public review, Salaar will win this clash game. But there is an obstacle for Salaar to beat Dunki. Salaar gets an A certificate in Film. It means children cannot watch salaar movies in the cinema. Because there are lots of dangerous action scenes in the movie. whereas everyone can watch Dunki movies in the cinema including children. Because Dunki is a comedy-drama movie.
Due to this reason, Salaar may have to lose the clash game.

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Dunki vs Salaar Advance Booking

At present everyone wants to know Dunki vs Salaar advance booking. If you are one of them grab the information and visit again for more updates.

Dunki: The movie’s advance ticket sales crossed 1 crore rupees within a few hours of full-fledged commencement, selling approximately 40,000 tickets worth 1.45 crores. The sales momentum remains robust.

Salaar: its advance ticket sales opened a couple of hours ago, and it has sold around 2,500 tickets valued at approximately 6 lakh rupees. The overall pre-sales now tally approximately 1.55 crores, with around 75,800 tickets sold.

Dunki vs Salaar Advance Collection

The good thing is that Dunki Movie won even before its release. Because Dunki Movie earned more than the budget even before its release. Yes, friends, the movie with a budget of Rs 120 crore has already earned Rs 230 crore. This includes a Rs 150 crore OTP deal and Rs 80 lakh has been recovered from the satellite. According to this, to become a blockbuster, Donkey movie will have to earn only Rs 100 to 200 crores in its entire lifetime.

Now you might be thinking that Dinky has won the game completely, but brother you are wrong. Salaar is also not behind in this matter. Salaar has also already earned a little less than the budget of his movie. That means all Rs 300 crores. It has OTT worth Rs 160 crore. Which is the biggest OTT deal in the history of South Indian films. Never before today had a South Indian movie been purchased for OTT for Rs 160 crores. And the remaining money was printed through satellite rights and music rights.

According to this, Salaam movie must do a business of at least Rs 500 crore to be a lifetime super blockbuster.

Salaar vs Dunki Box Office Collection

Both Salaar and Dunki movies are released in cinema. Now it’s time to know about their Box office collection.

Dunki vs salaar budget

When discussing Dunki vs Salaar, we must talk about their budget.

Before this, Shahrukh Khan made two big films on big budgets and both were super hits. After making two big films, Shahrukh Khan is making this small-budget film. After those two films, which were made for Rs 200-300 crores, this is a Dunky film made at a cost of only Rs 85 crores. In making just 85, the cost can go up to Rs 120 crores along with promotions, etc.

Now hearing this you must be wondering how much Shahrukh Khan would have charged when the budget is Rs 120 crore. Because Shahrukh Khan is a small actor, he will not charge Rs 10 crore or 20 crore. So let me tell you that Shahrukh Khan has not charged anything for this movie. If this movie is a hit then Shahrukh Khan will get some percentage of it. If it is a flop then he will not get anything. Shahrukh Khan is currently making profits on the best method.

In comparison to Salaar, Dunki’s movie has been completed in a very short time.
If we talk about Salaam movies, the budget of Salaam movies is 5 times more than Donkey movies. Salaam movie is one of the most expensive movies in India as its budget is 400 crores. It is also said that out of this Rs 400 crore, Prabhas is also responsible for Rs 100 crore. Because it has been written in history that Prabhas ji will be the lead actor in the film, it is not possible that the film will not earn money, only money will be there, but sometimes these things remain silent.

Salaar Box Office Future prediction

So let’s come to the point and let us tell you who is going to earn how much in the Dunki vs Salar movie on the first day. Salaar is a mass event film and a total action film, hence its ticket price may be a little higher than Tanki. I think Salaar can take an opening of Rs 70 crore in India on the first day and Rs 50 crore in other countries.

In Dunki’s case, the opposite may be true because this is not a mass event movie. It is a comedy-drama movie. According to this, it will not be able to earn much on the opening day but if we talk about lifetime, then gradually it will earn a lot. Right now we can only say that the first day opening can fetch Rs 50 crore in India and it can cross the century worldwide.

Whether Salaar or DUnki will be more profitable in a lifetime will depend only on the content and public support. This fight is as much SRK vs Prabhas as it is Prashant Neel vs Rajkumar Hirani.


In conclusion, we can say that both are big movies and also the competition is very big. we can’t say who will win but have to wait for 10 days to see the result.

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