Salaar’s Second Trailer Will Compete With Sharukhan’s Dunki Movie

Many of you must have been waiting for the Salaar movie for years. Salaar movie was announced years ago and one to one and a half years after the announcement. We came across a trailer for Salaar’s movie. After watching that trailer, the expectations we had from Salaar’s movie were not fulfilled.

Many people lost their trust after watching the first trailer of the Salaar movie and everyone started feeling that the Salaar movie was not going to be that special. The hype that was there about Salaar’s movie went down after watching the first trailer. We did not get to see anything special in the first trailer.

India’s highest-grossing movie hero Prabhas and India’s second-highest-grossing movie director Prashant Neel are together making the movie Salaar, yet the movie did not meet the expectations as much as it did. After watching the trailer, the public was shocked. Gave bad feedback.

Seeing this, the movie makers felt bad and now they have decided that the second trailer of Salaar’s movie will come. The trailer will be more than 3 minutes long and you will get to see a lot of things different from the first trailer.

Recently, a few days ago, the trailer for both the movies Dinky and Salaar was released. There was a lot of expectation from the trailer of both the movies but it was not fulfilled. Both movies are going to be released on December 22. If someone gives wrong feedback before release, it can be very bad for them. It is possible that it may not be able to earn that much in the theaters. The movie may flop.

Seeing all this, Salaar Movie Maker decided that now we will have to bring another trailer to the market. We will have to take positive reviews and feedback from the public. When we take positive feedback and create suspense in the minds of the public, our movie will again perform well and become a blockbuster.

Because the public has a hand in making any movie a flop or hit. If the public supports it, that movie becomes a blockbuster, whereas if the public hates it, then the movie becomes a big flop. So, first of all, we have to pay attention to what the public needs.

As you know, any film will have to be very powerful to survive in front of Shahrukh Khan. Because to date no movie has been able to compete with Shahrukh Khan’s film. All the movies have flopped and this time the fight is Salaar VS Dunki.

If we have to leave the donkey movie behind and move ahead. So we will have to answer Shahrukh Khan in his style. As high level as Shahrukh Khan is, he will have to compete at an equally high level.

There is also news coming from somewhere that Prabhas will have a double role in the movie Salaar. It can happen as it was in Pathan. And this Salaar is going to be the first part, its sequel will be seen in 202502026.

Let me clarify one more thing for you there is no connection between KGF and the Salaar movie. Right now everyone in the market is saying that there is an interconnection between KGF and Salaar movie but there is nothing like that.

Now the final thing is that after a few days, you will also get to see the second trailer of the Salaar movie. You may also like Skanda Movie

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