10 Movies Similar To Animal Movie 

Toby is a darama  indian kannda language movie in which a goddess of death arrives.

kaminey is a bollywood action movie of actor sahid kapoor.There are two young brothers and drugs worth Rs 100 crore in the guitar, the don is behind them.

Raman raghav 2.0 tory of the real killer who killed 40 people with a rod

The silence of the lambs: A criminal who builds bodies for himself by girl skin after killing girls.

Omkara: The most dangerous person of City who kills his wife on the day of Sari.

Por Thozhil: After 50 years the police goes to the serial killer but if the killer is not alive then who committed the murder?

A serial killer who made 14 girls disappear and was never caught

NO Smoking : A story in which the ghost himself appears to help a cigarette smoker get rid of his cigarette.

Joker: A story in which the world turns an ordinary person into a monster who takes thousands of lives.

The Godfather : Oldest gangster movie. This movie is god of all gangster movie.